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PLAYFWD® and BLINDROCKS Whitewater Rafting Expedition

Coming Soon: Working on Dates

PLAYFWD® and BLINDROCKS Whitewater Rafting Expedition


"Whitewater Rafting" Expedition with BLINDROCKS

May 30th 

Bhote Koshi River - Tibet and Nepal
“Uniting children through education and positive sport experiences”


Dear sportsmen and whitewater lover! 

We invite you to participate and donate to BLIND ROCKS and our expedition to help BlindRocks Programs in Nepal.

Whitewater expeditions is not just a sport, it is also a great chance to increase the touristic potential of a country. Every year we will hold yearly events with like minded organizations such as BLINDROCKS to bring awareness to children’s and adults needs around the world.

This years Whitewater Rafting Expedition, will help make a difference and build awareness about local needs in education, in schools, for the blind, both children and adults and for those children with disabilities, where opportunities in education are scarce and often times children are set aside living in shame. For developed countries to prosper it takes an educated community to start making the difference and people working together, united to help empower their communities.  


This expedition will directly benefit BLINDROCKS and their amazing programs in music, culture, dance, art and their sporting events that they run and hold yearly with the local schools and the Nepal’s communities.


161 million persons live with a disabling visual impairment, of whom 37 million are blind and 124 million are persons with low vision. Every 5 seconds someone becomes blind, every minute somewhere a child goes blind. About 90% of them live in developing countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Regions. 9 out of 10 blind children in developing countries have no access to education.


A little about the Whitewater Expedition


Bhote Koshi River is adventurous for whitewater adventurers. It has very challenging river rafting and kayaking filled with exciting gorges between the mountain valleys. On this journey there will be 30+ children and adults who are either BLIND or VISUALLY IMPAIRED, working directly with their team leaders and guides during this journey. It is both an exciting and limitless opportunity to give every child an opportunity to dream and live, to step outside of their limits and realize that every dream is possible, with the right support and guidance. 


This adventure will be held yearly and although this year you may not be able to join us, we look forward to having you join us next year.


Please support our members by making a donation:


$30 supports 1 blind child or adult to join the Rafting Trip

$50 supports 2 blind children or adults to join the Rafting Trip

$100 supports 5 blind children or adults to join the Rafting Trip

$200 supports the Bus Ride Over to the Bhote River basin for the rafting adventure - for the whole group

$100 supports 1 after school Arts and Dance program for the school kids for the WHOLE YEAR




Let's support education for all.

Developing opportunities for all children and young leaders to help build healthy communities.



Whitewater Rafting Expedition goals: 

  • Draw awareness to local educational needs for all children and adults. 

  • Help make a positive impact for community growth and development by giving back to education, particularly for children and adults effected by Blinds, Disability and those who are Visually Impaired. 

  • Increase healthy tourism popularization, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, inclusion of present population to regular physical exercise, sports and general healthy way of life. 

  • Increase philanthropy and awareness to those communities. 

  • Draw awareness to international needs and teaching the act of giving back and PLAYING FORWARD. 

  • Increase attraction of sportsmen and tourists from neighboring countries and beyond. 

  • Promote the beauty of NEPAL AND TIBET through non-profit events in those communities - giving back and also enjoying Nepal at the same time, through sustainable positive events that provide a positive impact to the communities. 


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