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Are there any awards?

Awards will be given for

  1. 1st and 2nd Highest Fundraisers

  2. Best Team, Family and School/Youth Organization Costumes

  3. Highest Fundraising School and Youth Organization

  4. Highest School and Youth Organization Attendance/Registration

What is included in my registration?

Check out THE GOODS you receive when you participate at any of our events

What is the age limit?

All participants must be at least 3 years old (able to walk) and all participants 18 and under must submit a participation waiver signed by a parent or guardian. This waiver is normally sent out to all underage participants at their schools a few weeks prior to the race. A waiver can also be provided for at the time of check in.

When should we plan on checking in?

1 Hour before the event. This way you can enjoy the event activities, bands, friends, and check out the event sponsors and what they have to offer. Early birds get extra goodies in their goodie bag. 

What should I wear?

In general, active sports clothing for running, jumping, crawling, etc. Bring other appropriate clothing in case of inclement weather

How long does it take to complete the event?

Runners start 1st and then the walkers. In general start time at 9am for runners and walkers right after around 9:30am. Finishing by 11am to be ready for awards and announcements.

Are there food and drinks?

Yes, food such as snack foods: bars/bananas/oranges/etc. and water will be provided for. However, please bring your own in case the schools or the programs run out.

Is this a timed event?

No, but we will have a clock and you can time your finish.

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