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Sept 28th


TREK to Nepal "Tsum Valley/Manaslu Trek 18+days circumnavigates the 8th highest peak in the world (8,156 m).


100% of donations are supporting Braille Without Borders (Schools in Tibet, Nepal and Kerala, India) and Empower Blind People (Kyrgyz Republic - modeled after the Louisiana Center for the Blind (LCB) school model).

161 million persons live with a disabling visual impairment, of whom 37 million are blind and 124 million are persons with low vision. Every 5 seconds someone becomes blind, every minute somewhere a child goes blind. About 90% of them live in developing countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Regions. 9 out of 10 blind children in developing countries have no access to education. Both organizations empower blind people so they themselves can set up projects and schools for other blind people. Programs include, educational courses in computer skills, vocational skills, cane travel skills, home economic skills, english (many other languages), self-intergration/self-help, and seminars on leadership and stewardship. Creating bigger access to education, for a better stronger community. Immediate help is needed in: supplies, braille reading processors, class room renovation (desks, chairs, heating, etc.), etc.

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