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A passionate dedicated leader to her communities and to her family. She has served in the teaching industry over 20 years as a TRUE mentor, a leader, and a role model, voted to be the best teacher of the year for many years. Her western influence living in United States has provided her with insight in how to help change her home community in Povazska Bystrica. She is an active member of the City Council in Povazska Bystrica. Believes in educating the public about their rights and responsibilities as citizens of Povazska Bystrica. Strongly dedicated towards reviving and developing recreational activities and programs for children. Her expertize in education and love for children makes her the heart of our organization in Slovakia and Europe.


• Strong family roots in Slovakia, educator/teacher for over 20 years.

• Former member of TJ ZVL Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia

• Masters from FTVS UK Bratislava, physical education and pedagogy

• Taught at SOU Engineering/Technical High School v Povazskej Bystrici

• Co-Founder of “Za Krajsiu Povazsku Bystrica” a Slovakia based non-profit

• City Council Member for Povazska Bystrica

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