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Nil holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey and a PhD in Economics with a focus on International Finance from Clemson University in South Carolina. For the past three years, she has been highly active in the non-profit world, working as an advisor to and volunteer for various women's educational projects and non-profits around San Francisco Area, California. Most recently she has worked with Ashoka Foundation as a member of their Silicon Valley Chapter. In these non-profit organizations her roles included coordinating volunteers, fundraising, and organizing awareness events in girls' education and women's rights. Prior to her entry into the non-profit world, Nil spent nine years as a manager and Director for KMV Corporation, a finance technology company that was acquired by Moody’s in 2002.


Why do you love to walk and move?

I like to walk and dance, usually not at the same time, when I feel happy but I also like to walk and move when I feel sad or frustrated because with each step the world looks brighter.


Why education, kids, and sports are essential building blocks for life?

Imagine a world where every kid has access to education, sports, and recreation. It would be a happy place filled with laughter. We would understand how we are all connected. We would know that everyone's actions affects others and the earth. People would work together for a better future. And we may not even have any more reason left to fight with each other. 


We learn the best when we are having fun. Most of us still remember the details of the games we played with our friends much better than what we studied over and over again. That makes playing sports the best way to learn teamwork, leadership, planning, and all other skills that would help us in the grown up world.

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